Cosmetic Dentistry

Putting Your Needs First

New patients have a consult before their appointment, to welcome them to the practice. In the consult, Dr. Hendricks will listen to your issues, concerns, and needs. You will also be given a financial consultation so that we can go over what the cost of your care will be.


Front Tooth Solutions

If you get a front tooth re-done by Dr. Hendricks, you will love it. He matches your tooth shade and uses custom staining and glazing in order to make the most beautiful, natural-looking tooth. He uses the latest CEREC technology in order to make ceramic reconstructions. The tooth part fits to your tooth within 20 micrometers, a small enough space that decay cannot hide underneath it. Ceramic reconstructions are the most durable, and Dr. Hendricks guarantees his work.


Back Tooth Solutions

Dr. Hendricks does the best quality back tooth restorations. He uses ceramic materials and custom staining and glazing, for a natural-looking tooth. These restorations are the most durable ones in dentistry, and Dr. Hendricks guarantees his work.


Full Consideration of Your Mouth

Sometimes people have jaw and mouth alignment issues that lead to constant dental issues such as constantly chipped out fillings, jaw or head pain, or worn down front teeth. Finding solutions to these problems makes a world of difference in the health of your mouth, as well as your health in general.