Migraine & Headache Solutions

Your Headaches May Be Caused By Your Jaw

Did you know that many migraines come from misalignment of the jaw?

While migraines seem like they are on the top of your head, they can often originate in the way the jaw fits in the mouth. The brain is constantly readjusting the way your mouth fits together so that you can eat with the right pressure. But if the bite is off, your brain sends the wrong signals, resulting in misfiring muscles that lead to headaches.

Treating Your Problem, Not Your Symptoms

Treating migraines with readjustment of your bite is a solution to the problem, not just the symptoms. Instead of taking painkillers to help the problem temporarily, Dr. Hendricks can permanently fix your problem so that you don't get headaches in the first place. If you have recurrent migraine headaches, see if Dr. Hendricks can help you.