Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
Dentistry is not simply about teeth: it's about people. Your success and happiness in life are of paramount importance to us, and that is why we offer options for teeth whitening that can fit your preferences.
Getting your teeth whitened is very common for people who have special events coming up. Patients will get teeth whitening for business, job interviews, dating, upcoming weddings, and any situation in which they need to make a good first impression. Many people like to whiten their teeth for when they wear white. Whatever your reason, we have you covered.
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Our Professional Whitening, With Results Today
We offer custom whitening options based on your situation and the results that you desire. We offer effective and gentle professional in-office whitening and at-home professional-grade custom whitening depending on your personal situation. Dr. Hendricks can do whitening for even very deeply stained teeth. 
Our professional in-office whitening is done in the Oraspa, a relaxing and comfortable room with soothing music, a fountain, blankets, and pillows so that you can relax and enjoy your experience.