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Lumineers and Veneers

Dr. Hendricks believes in treating patients the way that he would treat his own family and friends. That's why he is offering lumineers: the best technology out today to give you gorgeous, lasting veneers without grinding down your tooth surface.


Dr. Hendricks can help you get the smile that you want and deserve, painlessly, and without temporaries.



Lumineers are ultra-thin coverings of the tooth surface. They do not require any grinding down of your natural tooth surface. Because of this, they are completely reversible. 




You don't have to wear any temporaries, and it only takes two appointments.


Lumineers are built to last, and have been shown to last over twenty years for patients. Dr. Hendricks guarantees all of his work for five years, provided you go to regular hygiene appointments.


You and Dr. Hendricks can work together to find the right shade of white and the right comfortable fit for you. At your consultation, we can take photos of you and show you what you would look like with lumineers.


  • We do free consultations for everyone.
  • We have options for nervous patients.
  • We have flexible scheduling for busy and out-of-town patients.
  • Dr. Hendricks guarantees lumineers for five years, provided that you go regularly to your hygiene appointments.


For a free consultation, call 330-877-9281.


Veneers/Single Tooth Restorations

Each veneer, in detail, is custom-made to fit your needs and desires. The materials used are extremely durable and built to last. The ceramic used is a hardness of 9, and is cut with diamond burrs.


Dr. Hendricks uses the most conservative procedures, protecting and removing the least amount of tooth possible to get your desired result. He uses cosmetic custom staining and glazing in order to have just the right coloring to make your veneers look real and gorgeous on you.


Custom Staining and Glazing


Veneers are milled in our laboratory right in the office. You will not need any temporaries, and your tooth will be made in a single appointment.


If you would like to get your whole smile done in one day, we can accommodate.


Dr. Hendricks guarantees all veneers and lumineers for five years, provided you see the hygienist regularly.


For a free consultation, call Dr. Hendricks' office at 330-877-9281.