Why Green Dentistry?

Did you know that every year dental offices generate 4.8 million lead foils, 28 million liters of toxic x-ray fixer, 3.7 tons of mercury waste, 1.7 million sterilization pouches, and 680 million chair barriers, light handle covers, and patient bibs?

At Dr. W. Scott Hendricks, D.D.S., you can be assured that your dental office visit will have a minimal impact on the environment.

Dr. Hendricks cares about the health of his patients, staff, and the environment. Dr. Hendricks became a dentist in 1985, and has never placed mercury amalgam fillings in his practice. In his spare time, he is a chemical-free pumpkin farmer.


Our practice abides by the Eco-Dentistry Association guidelines, is a Certified Green Business and is a Certified Green Office.


Green Dentistry is Better for Your Health.
  • We use the latest CAD/CAM technology to mill ceramic crowns in the office. This reduces transportation costs and materials because you don't need a temporary: it is only one visit. This also eliminates the need for sending out lab cases, eliminating the need for transportation and packaging materials. The crowns fit your tooth accurately to 20 microns, for maximum durability.


  • We use digital x-rays, which use considerably less radiation than traditional x-rays, and eliminate the use of toxic photochemicals and lead foils.


  • We use the most non-toxic materials available in dentistry today. We do not place any silver-mercury amalgam fillings. We use Bis-GMA free composite materials for fillings and place Bis-GMA free sealants. We use non-toxic environmentally sound surface disinfectants and line cleaners. We have eliminated glutaraldehyde cold sterile methods, which produce a gas that can be harmful to our lungs.


What Else Does a Green Dentist Do?



-We recycle all recyclable materials.

-We donate our surplus materials when possible to MedWish.


Reducing Energy Use

-We turn off the heat when we are not in the office.

-We use energy efficient lighting and appliances.

-We turn off and unplug appliances that are not in use.


Reducing Paper Use

-We use digital patient charting.

-We use double-sided copies.

-We have reduced our paper use by utilizing digital claims processing.

-We use recycled paper or sustainably forested paper for our copies.
-We print our business cards on recycled paper with soy-based ink.

-We use recycled paper for appointment reminders, post-it-notes, and other office needs.


Supporting Eco-Friendly Businesses and Products

-We contract with eco-friendly and local dental supply companies.

-We purchase supplies in bulk.

-We use bibs made from recycled materials.

-We use suction tips made from recycled materials.

-We use metal reusable and biodegradable plastic impression trays.

-Our masks and gloves are made from eco-friendly materials.


Making Our Break Room Sustainable

-We use real mugs, plates, and utensils instead of disposables.
-We keep a stock of reusable bags for when we pick items up.
-We compost our food waste.