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Dr. Hendricks is now providing the first and only DentalSpa™ available in Northeast Ohio. At Dr. W. Scott Hendricks, D.D.S., we believe that dental hygiene visits should be enjoyable and comfortable, and that's why we are excited to provide DentalSpa™ hygiene treatments for our patients!



What is the DentalSpa™?
The DentalSpa™ is a proven therapeutic treatment that relaxes you while

you’re having your teeth cleaned. It relieves anxiety, reduces tension and

promotes overall wellness.



What is the DentalSpa like?

The DentalSpa™ is individualized to each patient’s health history. The

essential oils that are used for you may not necessarily be used for your

loved ones or neighbors. It bridges preventative oral health with total –

mind, body, spirit - wellness. The DentalSpa™ is science-based and uses the

senses of sight, sound, smell and touch to create a relaxing nurturing and

healing experience.


Who is the DentalSpa™ for?

Everyone! If you’re male, female or in your golden years, don’t miss this

golden opportunity. The relaxation of the DentalSpa™ has universal cultural

appeal. We do not typically provide this service for children under 18 years

old. Ask your Oraspa™ Therapist for considerations.


How much does the DentalSpa cost?
Our spa treatment is given as a gift to our patients, with no additional cost to you. You are billed the same, and insurance covers the DentalSpa by OraSpa the same as they would a normal hygiene appointment.

Are there any health restrictions?

For most adults the answer is no. The treatment is customized for you based

on your health history. Your Oraspa™ Therapist can help determine if you

are a candidate.


Why are you offering this?

Because you are worth it! We’re committed to serving you – our patients -

and we believe the DentalSpa™ helps us show you our commitment. The

only thing we ask of you is to share with your friends the amazing experience of the DentalSpa™.


How do I make an appointment?

Just call the office at (330) 877-9281, and ask to schedule the DentalSpa.

Learn more at http://www.oraspa.com/